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6 Steps to Fix the Kodak Printer Spooling Problems


You should reset your Kodak printer spooler if you’re often getting an error message stating that your printer spooler service isn’t available or working when you install your printer or send a message to print your documents in Windows 7. However, if resetting the Kodak printer spooler doesn’t work, it is possible that the printer drivers are corrupted. At that point of time, you will require removing and reinstalling the print spooler service. If you need any help from experts, call on the Kodak customer support phone number to speak with experts regarding your queries and solve them out in no time.

Learn How to Reset the Kodak Printer Spooler in Windows 7

The printer spooler lets your computer communicate with the Kodak printer, and commands the print tasks in the printer queue. If you often get the error message that the printer spooler isn’t working, it has been corrupted or is failing to connect with other software properly. Resetting the print spooler in Windows 7, you can get rid of the several problems. If you want to learn the step-by-step guide, just follow this procedure:

Step 1 – Click the Windows Start menu and input the ‘Services.msc’ in the search bar. Press the ‘Enter’ button.

Step 2 – Move down and locate the Print Spooler under the ‘Services’ list, and then double-click to access your spooler services.

Step 3 – Press the ‘Stop’ button, and then click the ‘OK’ to halt the printer spooler temporarily so you can reset it.

Step 4 – Click the Windows Start menu and input the ‘%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers’ in the Search field. Hit the ‘Enter’ key.

Step 5 – Remove several files in the folder that appears. Click the Windows Start, input the ‘Services.msc’ in the Search bar and then press the ‘Enter’ button to return to the Printer Spooler settings.

Step 6 – Double-click on the Print Spooler to open it again. Click the ‘Start’ button to reset the printer spooler, followed by the ‘OK’ button to initiate the process.

If these steps were failed to solve the problems associated with print spooler when you’re working with Kodak printer, you might require trying more than one way to fix the spooler issues. You can contact the experts by dialing the Kodak printer support phone number and get assistance to fix your printer spooler problems instantly. You will get the best possible support to solve the Kodak printer problems.