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How Can I Override the "Out of Ink" Error in Kodak Printer


Whenever your Kodak printer recognizes that an ink cartridge is low, it can show you the ‘Out of Ink’ error message. Even you can't print your documents if it identifies a low ink cartridge. However, if you have just refilled the cartridge or just want to override your printer ‘Out of Ink’ error message to remain the printing process, you need to reset the cartridge. Various ink cartridge chip re-setters are accessible that notify the Kodak printer the ink cartridge is filled, even if the cartridge is unfilled.

Note: - To get a hassle-free and permanent solution for the ‘Out of Ink’ error message, you can call on the Kodak customer service number to get them resolved.

Learn Steps to Resolve the Kodak Printer ‘Out of Ink’ Error

If your Kodak printer often shows the ‘Out of Ink’ error, you can reset the printer and ink cartridge to solve the issues. It cleans the internal memory of your printer and reset the ink monitor. The following guide will allow you to power cycle your printer and fix the error.

Step 1 – Raise the cover of your Kodak printer to open it. Take the ink cartridges out from your printer.

Step 2 – Remove ink traces from the metal connectors by wiping the ink cartridge using a cotton ball plunged in rubbing alcohol. Let a moment for the rubbing alcohol to dry on the ink cartridge.

Step 3 – Now, insert the ink cartridge into the chip re-setter. Next, press and hold down the chip resetter button for at least three seconds for resetting the ink counter. 

Step 4 - A green light will display that indicates the ink cartridge has been reset. 

Step 5 – Take out the ink cartridge from the chip resetting and place it back to your Kodak printer. Your printer should detect the ink cartridge as full, and it prints normally.

If you use a Kodak printer with the run of the ink cartridge, it can halt your business productivity. To prevent this unexpected circumstance, the chip resetter utility on your computer lets you adjust the settings, wipe the print heads and print the test pages successfully. These above-listed steps may not work for several models of Kodak printer. For more specific guidance, check the Eastman Kodak company’s user manual provided with your printer. 

Also, you can call on the Kodak customer service number and seek the solution if the ‘Out of Ink’ error message persists or you’re facing any other challenges with your Kodak printer.