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How to Resolve Windows 10 Kernel Power 41 Error


Occasionally, you might face issues with your Windows 10-based computer, and some users have to experience the kernel power 41 error on their PCs. This error can cause inconvenience like the random restart of your computer. Though the Microsoft Windows 10 technical support phone number helps you get the quick solutions from experts on the single phone call, you can still check these solutions to fix the kernel power 41 error.

Fix 1: Update your drivers

Sometimes, out-of-date

drivers can cause the Kernel power 41 error. To solve this error, check that you have the new version of drivers installed. Occasionally, this problem is created by the audio driver, so ensure to update it first. However, if updating the sound driver doesn’t fix the error, continue to upgrade other drivers on your PC. You can also install any third-party tool to download the drivers automatically. For more help and guidance, you can contact the Microsoft technical experts.

Fix 2: Turn Off duplicate audio drivers

It is already mentioned that the audio driver can cause the Kernel error, so ensure that you inspect Device Manager to find any identical driver entries. If there is a duplicate entry, then right-click on it and select the ‘Disable’ option from the menu. You can still turn off the audio drivers that present in the list even if you don’t have installed duplicate audio drivers. You can solve the error by turning off the ATI High Definition Audio Device via the Device Manager window.

Fix 3: Uninstall/Disable your antivirus

Some security programs like AVG antivirus can be the reason of the Kernel power 41 error on your Windows PC. If you have installed any antivirus program, you can disable or uninstall it temporarily and check if the problem is fixed. If it still exists, you might consider using a different antivirus program. 

Fix 4: Change the power settings

The power settings can source the Kernel power 41 error; thus it could be better to modify the settings to repair the problem. Here’s how to do:

  1. Press the Windows + S key, input the ‘Power Options’ text into the search bar and select the ‘Power Options’ from the main menu.
  2. Once the Power Options window appears, locate the current plan and click to change the settings, followed by the advanced power settings.
  3. Find the Hard Disk tab and expand it. Click the ‘Turn off hard disk’ option and set it to the ‘Never.’ It can be done by typing 0 as the value.
  4. Locate the ‘Sleep’ section and adjust the timer to 0 to disable it. Click the ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ button to apply changes.

Fix 5: Turn off Fast Startup

In most cases, the ‘Fast Startup’ option can be the reason of problems due to the Kernel power 41 error. In such situations, you should disable the Fast Startup feature to fix the problem. Once you have disabled the Fast Startup, your PC might run a bit slowly, but it solves the problems due to the kernel power 41 error.

Fix 6: Update your BIOS

Sometimes, updating BIOS can be useful to determine the kernel power 41 error. To update the BIOS, you require visiting the motherboard manufacturer’s site and downloading the new BIOS version. Before you run the update, ensure that you check all the manual instructions entirely to prevent causing permanent damage to your PC.  If you encounter any issues in updating the BIOS, you can ask experts to solve the problems.

Other Considerations

Sometimes, hardware-related problems can cause the kernel power 41 error. So, try to get the technical experts help to know the exact cause of the issues and fix them, such as hardware failure, etc. If these solutions have not worked to you resolve the kernel power 41 error, it’s advised to call on the Window 10 customer care number and get experts help to solve the error in an efficient way.