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How Can I Uninstall McAfee Family Protection Completely


The McAfee Family Protection is a security software program intended to block the offensive Internet content, filter incorrect media sources, regulate Internet usage, and prevent illegal contact with a strange person in the chat session. This protection tool also lets the system administrator observe the Internet activity and usage, and even monitor the users sharing their details. However, if you get into trouble when using the McAfee Family Protection, the McAfee customer support number is the appropriate alternative to get immediate assistance and solutions from technical experts.

Learn How to Get Rid of McAfee Family Protection Completely

Removing McAfee Family Protection program from your PC requires a particular process to encourage security. To stop the unauthorized elimination of this protection tool, you should retain the correct administrator credential information. Here’s how to uninstall the McAfee Family Protection completely from your PC.

Step 1 – Power on your computer and let the operating system load correctly. Check the system tray found on the lower right corner of the toolbar, and then double-click on the ‘Family Protection’ icon.

Step 2 – Input the administrator credentials, such as the username and password. Click on the ‘Get Uninstall Code’ option from the listed menu options.

Step 3 - Type the uninstall code, and then click on the ‘Done’ button to close all applications running on your system. Next, power off the connected wireless router, DSL service device, or cable modem.

Step 4 – Click the ‘Start’ menu, and then the ‘All Programs’ section and choose the folder labeled as the ‘McAfee Family Protection.’ Click the ‘Uninstall Family Protection’ button and allow the application menu to load.

Step 5 - Click the ‘Remove’ option, and then the ‘Next’ button to continue. Input the username and password of the administrator. Click the ‘Next’ button once completed.

Step 6 - Input the uninstall code and click the ‘Next’ button to start the removal process of McAfee Family Protection from your computer. Reboot your computer once asked to complete the uninstallation process.

However, if you’re unable to remove your McAfee Family Protection software with the following steps, it’s suggested to call on the McAfee contact number to get the step-by-step process to get rid of the problems preventing you from uninstalling it.


If your program is not running correctly, won’t install or freezes up your PC, You can also seek the experts help. For solving such kind of problems, you must download a new version of the installation McAfee file. Installing a newer edition of the program on your system will possibly replace the corrupted file and ensure you fix the problems facing with your McAfee program.