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Why Does My McAfee Antivirus Keep Turning Off?


McAfee antivirus safeguards your PC from viruses, malware and other dangerous invaders using the firewall security and by scanning your PC. If it keeps turning off, you’re prone to these threats and risking your confidential information. However, different causes can stop McAfee from always working on your PC at all times. At such time, you can consult with experts on the McAfee customer service number and get the solution for all issues. Troubleshooting each of these problems will fix any failures you may be faced with this security program and enhance the security on your PC.

Solution 1 - McAfee Virtual Technician

The McAfee Virtual Technician discovers and resolved all issues that often keep McAfee to disable. When you download the ‘oas-disabled-fix.cmd’ On your computer’s desktop from the service page of McAfee, it will automatically install it on your PC for usage. Now, you can restart your PC and right-click on the program to operate it as an admin. If you receive an error when striving to run this, press the ‘Ctrl + C’ keys, and then press the ‘Yes,’ followed by the ‘Enter’ key. The program will prevent and allow you to run the McAfee again.

Solution 2 - Firewall and Real-Time Scanning Are Off

If the McAfee Firewall or Real-Time Scanning functions have disabled, the antivirus program will not operate. You will have to need to enable them back via the McAfee SecurityCenter. Click the ‘M’ key on the SecurityCenter taskbar to enable the Real-Time Scanner. Click the ‘Navigation,’ then ‘Real-Time Scanning,’ and then ‘Turn On’ to activate the scanner. Click the ‘Navigation’ button again for doing the same for Firewall Security. You can see if the status of both the firewall and the scanner is on via the SecurityCenter home screen

Solution 3 - Check for Other Anti-virus Programs

Some other antivirus and security software delays the McAfee functionality. A list of incompatible programs is present on the McAfee’s official website. To uninstall the security software, click the Start button to access the program list on your computer. Right-click on the icon of specific software you want to delete and click the ‘Uninstall’ button. Once you finish all necessary programs removal, remove and reinstall your McAfee antivirus. You may require rebooting the PC to apply all changes.

Solution 4 - Check the Internet Connection

If you do not have the Internet connection, McAfee antivirus will not run. There will be no necessity to safeguard you from the online threats if you’re not over the web. Check both your wireless or wired connection for unplugged or loose Ethernet cords, for disabled routers, or to check if your PC is turned on to access the Internet. McAfee antivirus ‘off’ status will turn to ‘on’ upon connecting to the Internet.  If it doesn’t, then manually enable the scanner through the SecurityCenter home window that displays on opening McAfee antivirus. Turn the slider from the ‘Off’ status to ‘On.’

However, if all else workarounds fail to solve the problems and your McAfee antivirus still keeps turning off, it’s suggested to call on the McAfee support number and talk to the experts to resolve the McAfee problems within the shortest time.