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8 Steps to Export Contacts from Yahoo Mail

Whether you wish to protect your Yahoo Mail contains by storing them in a file, or you require transferring the contact list to another email client, you need to export them. There’s no reason to copy all contacts manually so that you can add them one after another later on. If you’re using the Yahoo email service, you can export all contacts just by following a few simple steps. In the case of any troubles, contact Yahoo customer support phone number for instant solutions. Here’s how to export contacts from Yahoo Mail.

Step 1: Log into the Yahoo Mail. Open your browser and then visit the Yahoo Mail login web page. Input your email ID and password, and then click the ‘Sign In’ link. You will be directed to the mailbox.

Step 2: Access the Contact list. On the left corner, there is a tab heading section. Click on the tab along with the address book icon. It will refresh the page to show your address book that includes the contacts list.

Step 3: Check all contacts. Your contacts list on Yahoo mail will appear in the second section from the left. Scroll through the list using mouse scroll bar.

Step 4: Choose contacts. There is a checkbox beside each contact. Select all of them you desire to be transferred. If you wish to export the complete list, choose the box on the header of the second section to pick all.

Step 5: Arrange contacts. Before exporting, you can arrange the contacts in a specific order in the exported file. For doing so, click the ‘Actions’ on the header of the second section to display a menu. Choose one from Sort by Email, Sort by First Name, Reverse Sort Order, and Sort by Last Name. The contacts will be arranged consequently.

Step 6: Export contacts. Click on the ‘Actions’ button; it will show a menu. Choose the ‘Export’ option, and an ‘Export contacts’ window will display.

Step 7: Select the format. Now, you will be advised to pick a format for the transfer, which is relied on where you will move the file. Choose one from Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, vCard Single File, Yahoo CSV, and VCF files.

Step 8: Export. Click the ‘Export Now’ button at the end of the screen. The contacts list will be transferred and downloaded with the file format you have chosen. 

Now, you can use that file as a backup or import it to another email service. However, if you get any difficulties when accessing your Yahoo email account or exporting the contact list as a backup, call on the Yahoo mail customer service number and address your issues directly to the experts so that they can help you in solving problems instantly.