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Why Does McAfee Antivirus Often Keep Disabling?


Antivirus and firewall security solutions secure against external intrusion by intruders and are usually used on personal computers and private company networks. When you disable the antivirus software, it leaves not only your PC, but the whole system open and vulnerable to attack. McAfee is a leading program as a security measure against incoming malicious threats. Though, like many other antivirus programs, it can be disabled internally because of different causes and issues. If it happens to you, just call on the McAfee customer support number and ask the experts help to sort out all problems.

Malicious Access

McAfee doesn’t secure against all system security measures, and it is likely for a virus to get access to the network through resources not observed. Some malicious programs disable current firewall and antivirus programs to provide the natural and safe transmission of the personal data and any extra malicious measures. Instantly activate McAfee firewall and antivirus and scan your PC thoroughly.

Multiple Anti-virus Software

Antivirus applications are intended to work independently, instead of in tandem. IN the result of many firewalls and antivirus programs on the system, these can conflict with one another and stop each other from working properly. In many circumstances, third-party security programs are proposed to observe other firewall defenses and turn them off automatically. For instance, Windows has the inbuilt firewall, and it intermittently deactivates any third-party firewalls when active.

Windows Firewall

All Windows PCs have inbuilt security solutions in the form of a first firewall and antivirus program.  These applications are not as inclusive as other innovative solutions, such as McAfee Antivirus, which is why users buy the third-party program. When you install McAfee firewall on your PC, disable the current Windows security. Launch Control Panel and choose the Windows Firewall option. Click the ‘Turn Windows Firewall on/ off’ button and then select the ‘Turn off Windows Firewall’ for both Private and Public Network settings.

McAfee Virtual Tool

If all above workarounds fail to solve the McAfee issues and it continues to turn off even after deactivating Firewall and removing viruses, you should use the McAfee Virtual Tool. This is an automated tool proficient in detecting and resolving many problems associated with McAfee. Visit the official site of McAfee to install and run the McAfee Virtual Tool. As soon as the program tackles any issues, it will repair them and try to activate the real-time security.

If, however, you have any functional or security issues with your McAfee antivirus, it’s highly suggested to call on the McAfee customer support phone number and seek the help to repair all problems in a proper.