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How to enforce periodic password change for Windows 10 users

Windows 10 offers outstanding security features like Windows Defender malware protection, Windows Hello’s biometric authentication and Windows Update for keeping the device secure and up to date. Despite these features, there is still a threat to PC security if you use the same password for an extended period of time. While it is up to you to change the password from time to time, there is also the option of configuring the operating system so that it would enforce periodic password change for the Windows 10 user. For doing the same, you can avail professional guidance by calling microsoft windows 10 support number while you can also try it yourself. You can adopt the following steps to force password change for the users on a periodic basis on a Microsoft Account, so that your account is enabled to make you change the password after every 72 days:  


  • Start by opening the browser and then signing in to the Microsoft account.
  • Click the link ‘Change Password’ on security and privacy.
  • Now create a fresh password.
  • Check the option that says ‘Make me change the password every 72 days’.
  • Finally complete the task by clicking ‘Next’.

The only hitch with the task is that you do not have the choice to select the number of days for password change in a flexible manner; rather, the period of 72 days is regarded as the most appropriate time period for enforcing periodic password change for the users. The advantages of taking up this option are many as it not only secures the Windows 10 account but also all other services that are being used with the Microsoft account, such as Skype, OneDrive and, to name just a few. While following these simple steps can enable you to enforce changing the password for Windows 10 on a periodic basis, there are times when you may not be able to do the same. In such a situation, you can get professional assistance by getting connected with microsoft windows 10 help phone number. This number offers round the clock guidance by expert technicians who have the experience and expertise to assist you will all the issues related to Windows 10.