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Techniques to fix Common Avp.exe error in Kaspersky

Kaspersky is commonly known as an Antivirus program developed by Kaspersky lab. It is basically used to shield users and their devices from malware and other viruses. It is specially designed for computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, though a version for Linux is present for business customers.

Kaspersky includes real-time protection, scanning, and detection of viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, auto-dialers and harmful viruses affecting your PC & most importantly the removal of rootkits. It also has automatic updates through ‘Kaspersky Security Network’ service.

In the case of any issue or problem related to the installation, unsuccessful working and updates failure, the users should contact the professionals available at the support desk. They can dial Kaspersky customer service phone number and get the issues resolved in minutes. This award winning software program is quite beneficial in detecting the most harmful viruses by offering you the quickest remedies as well. The services and products are unmatched, and fetching timely help from them prove to be the best decision at the time of need.


The blog will guide us on one of the problems related to the solutions to fix common AVP faults on Windows:-

AVP.exe is a file that assists Kaspersky Internet Security to fulfill its functionalities. The file is used to protect important files and docs from various deadly threats like malicious software and viruses to your computer. Basically, the file is used to help shield the systems from various types of websites and online applications. The AVP.exe file keeps on protecting computers safe and running smoothly without any kind of threat and problem. When you see your system getting corrupted or damaged, errors will start coming up, if the problem starts popping up, users should immediately get the problem resolved. The messages would be:

  • ‘AVP - Application Error- The guideline at ‘0×64a14da9,’ referenced memory at ‘0×010801e0.’ The memory could not be "read"."
  • AVP - application error- The exception integer division by 0. (0xc0000094) occurred in the application at location 0×68f06c2f.
  • Now, click Ok to terminate, click cancel to debug the program.’

If we see, then the messages clearly stating that the software is encountering some of the errors, which should get resolved for the proper functioning.


  • The first solution is to remove the update configuration or updcfg.xml file from the system. To update the configuration file, begin by opening My Computer. Go to Documents &Settings and then open All Users. Click on the Kaspersky folder and then delete the updcfg.xml file.


  • Secondly, reinstall Kaspersky into the system. This will help to improve the computer's performance. To reinstall, just click ‘Start’ and go to ‘Control Panel.’ Now, select Add/Remove Programs and then search Kaspersky.


  • Lastly, cleaning out the computer's registry can help resolve any problem related to corrupted files.

It is always recommended to contact the professionals in case of any issue, so to get the more detailed solutions, you can also contact Kaspersky customer support to get in touch with the experts to fetch the desired solutions.

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