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Know How You Can Watch Netflix on Your PS3

Few years back, Netflix and Sony has collaborated together to help users to enjoy Netflix streaming directly on their consoles. Also, they are now not required to use any specific disk as the consoles are now already equipped with in-built Netflix along with the feature to “Watch Instantly.” However, users must be aware of a few specific procedures so that they don’t get stuck in the middle of it. In case, you don’t know the steps for it, you can take help from Netflix customer support. On the other hand, you can alternatively follow the process and the steps that are mentioned-below to watch Netflix hassle-free on your PS3.


  • In the beginning of the process, it is necessary for you to sign up immediately for a streaming account on Netflix. However, it is only applicable if you already have an account. Just in case, you don’t have one, make sure that you first create a new account, and then continue with the process.
  • After you have signed up, it is now time for you to connect your PlayStation 3 to the Internet. Once the connection is built, make sure that you have used either an Ethernet cable linked from your router to the PS3, or use the PS3's built-in Wi-Fi adapter to attach to your router.
  • Now, in the next step, users are supposed to update to the latest PS3 firmware. In order to check whether you have the newest update, it is advisable to you to go to the "System," followed by selecting the option for "System Update."
  • Also, you are now required to sign into your PlayStation Network account while ensuring that you have gone to the "TV/Video Services" tab on the PS3 Media Crossbar. Once it is done, you must not forget to select "Netflix" from the list for installing the Netflix streaming software. Also, in the end, don’t forget to enter your Netflix account information, especially when prompted.


After you are done with the process, you can actually start watching Netflix on PS3. However, if by any chance, you are unable to complete the process successfully or if you have any doubt regarding the same, make sure that you have taken instant help from Netflix customer service number. And, if by any chance, you don’t have the number, make sure that you have visited the site of Contactforhelp, which is an online directory, to avail the original numbers of US and Canada-based customer services.