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4 Handy Steps to Remove a Virus from Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail can directly be accessed via the Internet browser, without requiring the need for having installed any email-related software on your computer. That kind of web browser-based email is considered as Webmail. A significant advantage of using the Yahoo Mail via the webmail is that all incoming emails can be scanned first for viruses and malware before they enter into your PC and create any critical damage. For additional help, call on the Yahoo customer support number to get support. As a Yahoo email user, the virus scanning feature is automatically enabled, making it easy to use on the attached files.

Learn How to Remove Viruses from Yahoo Email Account

Through Yahoo scans your all incoming emails automatically received in your account, however, if you get any troubles, you can ask the help of professionals by dialing the Yahoo toll-free phone number. Here’s how to find and remove the virus from the Yahoo Mail.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Yahoo Mail site to open the account. Type the Yahoo username and password to access the Yahoo email account. Open the emails supposed of having a virus.

Step 2 – Find attached files. You will find them in the header section beyond the body of the message. The name of the attached file will display as blue, with active hyperlinks, showing the correct saved file name provided by the sender.

Step 3 – Start to scan and clean viruses automatically. Search for the ‘Scan and Download Attachment’ link and click on it to open. If it doesn’t display, you may require clicking directly on the file name of the attachment. Search for the ‘Scanning attachment for viruses’ alert message. It may display for less than a second, reliant upon the file’s size. If you miss this short-term warning message, it is not such essential.

Step 4 – Wait and check the results. Once the virus scanning process is finished, if no virus or malware is found, you will be directed the go-ahead to download the attached files. If the virus is recognized, Yahoo Mail will try to clean the attachment automatically, and then show the option to download the files.

However, if these steps are not much reliable to detect and clean the virus in the attached files automatically, then you can look for the further solutions to find and fix the virus issues. In such circumstances, you can call on the Yahoo customer support phone number to get support and additional guidance to get rid of viruses from Yahoo Mail in a hassle-free manner.



6 Steps to Troubleshoot Avast antivirus Blue Screen Issue


Sometimes, Avast security software may conflict with the third-party programs installed on your computer, triggering Windows to freeze, crash, or display a BSOD (blue screen of death) error. This problem may be encountered due to the program you start manually or the background services silently running when you trigger Windows. In these circumstances, you can get the hassle-free solutions from experts over the phone simply by dialing the Avast customer service phone number. To make sure if the background services encounter the BSOD or the system crash issue, continue with these steps:


Step 1 – First of all, restart your computer and run the Windows operating system in Safe Mode, which is necessary to execute various troubleshooting tasks in Avast antivirus. Here’s how to restart Windows 7 in Safe Mode:

  • Click the ‘Start’ menu, followed by the Shutdown arrow icon, and then press and hold the F8 key, choose the ‘Restart’ option.
  • Stay to hold down the F8 key till your computer restarts and a list of selection displays.
  • Press the arrow keys to highlight the Safe Mode and press the ‘Enter’ button.

Step 2 – When the Windows is working in Safe Mode, concurrently press the Windows + R keys to access the ‘Run’ dialog box.

Step 3 – In the Open text field, enter the msconfig.exe command and click the ‘OK’ button to access the System Configuration tool.

Step 4 – Click the ‘General’ section and choose the ‘Diagnostic Startup’ tool to remove all the beginning programs.

Step 5 – Click on the ‘Services’ tab and place a tick mark in the check boxes of your Avast Antivirus services.

  • Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier: select the Avast antivirus and Firewall check boxes.
  • Avast Free Antivirus or Avast Pro Antivirus: choose the Avast Antivirus check boxes.

Step 6 – Go back to the ‘General’ tab and ensure that the Selective startup option is now selected. Click the ‘OK’ button and restart your computer once asked.


If your computer starts functioning normally again, and the issue is due to the Avast antivirus conflicting with any other program or the services running in the background silently. To set up Windows to restart in the Normal mode, try to execute the System Configuration tool and choose the ‘Normal startup’ under the ‘General’ section. However, if the BSOD or computer crashing issue is still continuing, you can report your problems to the tech professionals by calling on the Avast customer support phone number and get further support and solutions to get rid of the issues caused by the Avast antivirus.


2 Methods to Turn Off Avast Antivirus


Is your Avast antivirus program causing problems when you are installing any software on your computer? Are you inadequate to connect to the Internet due to the antivirus issues? Require being disabled the Avast Antivirus? Sometimes, your security program can stop your PC from running properly due to safety issues. If you don’t require uninstalling the software, you can turn its features off temporarily or permanently. In the event of any major issues, you can seek the help by dialing the Avast customer service phone number to resolve the problems. Also, you can check these two ways to turn off the antivirus program.

Method #1 - Disabling Avast Antivirus from the System Tray

Step 1 -Right-click on the Avast Antivirus icon in the system tray.

Step 2 - Select the ‘Avast Shields Control’ option.

Step 3 - Decide how long you wish to disable the Avast antivirus:

  • 10 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • Disable until your next restart of the PC.
  • Turn off Avast antivirus permanently.

Step 4 – Confirm your selection once prompted. When you confirmed, Avast antivirus will be disabled as per your selection.

Method #2 - Disabling Avast Antivirus from Settings

Step 1 – Open the main screen of your Avast antivirus. Double-click on the Avast icon either on the desktop or in the system tray.

Step 2 – Open the ‘Settings’ tab by clicking on the gear icon located on the right side of the antivirus program.

Step 3 – Click the ‘Components’ tab. Now, turn off the Mail Shield, System Shield, and Web Shield.

Step 4 - Next, you will require choosing how long each shield will stay turned off and check the selections under the dialog window.

Step 5 – Click the ‘Done’ button. Avast antivirus will be turned off, and you will be able to install the program and connect to the Internet on your PC.

If the problem proceeds, then you should check for the other possibilities for the errors. If you’re sure that the problems are occurring due to the Avast antivirus, then you can get the immediate support and solutions under the guidance of experts simply by dialing the Avast customer support phone number.


Remember that you should never disable shield or turn off Avast antivirus if you don’t make sure what you’re doing. Once you have disabled the security program, your PC is vulnerable to the attack of the viruses and malware. You should not confirm deactivating shields if you’re not doing it purposely because most of the malware can prompt you to turn off Avast antivirus.

7 Simple Steps to Check Emails History in Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail is the most famous email service that provides unlimited storage, SMS messaging, a calendar, keyboard shortcuts and even a built-in instant messenger. Yahoo mail also comes with an integrated search tool that lets users find a particular email by typing the key terms into the search field. The categorized folders and the website of Yahoo Mail make it easy to navigate the email messaging history. For acquiring more information regarding that, you can call on the Yahoo customer support number. To check the mail history in Yahoo Mail, follow these steps:-

Step 1 – Navigate to the Yahoo Mail website. Sign into the Yahoo email account by using your email address and the password.

Step 2 – Perform a full search of the complete mail history by typing the key terms that may be found within the message text. Type the words in the text box beside the ‘Mail Search’ icon, and then click the ‘Mail Search’ option to search for messages with those texts. Yahoo Mail will navigate all the folders and explore these texts in each part of the mail like the subject line, sender line, and the message body.

Step 3 – Now, click the ‘Inbox’ icon to view the history of your incoming emails, which are in sequential order, along with the newest on top.

Step 4 – Click the ‘Drafts’ folder to check saved drafts that you have not yet delivered. A list of undelivered messages will display. If you wish to complete an email, then click on it, fill out the draft and then click the ‘Send’ button.

Step 5 – Click the ‘Sent’ folder to view a list of the message that you have delivered. If you no longer require an email in this folder, access the email and then click the ‘Delete’ button.

Step 6 – Click the ‘Spam’ folder to check what kind of spam mail you have got. If you don’t want to view the history of spam emails, then click the ‘Empty’ option to the right side of the ‘Spam’ folder from the main page. It will move the spam messages to the Trash folder.

Step 7 – Click the ‘Trash’ folder to check the delete messages. To erase the history of deleted emails permanently, click the box to the left side of the flag icon, followed by the ‘Clear All’ button.

Yahoo mail is the best webmail client to send/receive emails until any technical problems appear that can stop you from communicating via emails and cause your Yahoo email account faulty. At the point of any problems with Yahoo Mail, you need to instantly consult with the technical experts who are round-the-clock available on the Yahoo customer support phone number to offer technical assistance and solutions to several mailing problems connected to the Yahoo mail.

Why I Can’t Print Black Ink with Kodak Printer


It doesn’t matter which model of Kodak printer you’re using, understanding how to troubleshoot the common problems can save your valuable time, money and efforts, since the Kodak printer repairing service cost can be relatively high. Sometimes, your Kodak printer can stop printing a particular ink color like the black. It may not mean that the printer is damaged irreparably, but may be a problem with the black printer cartridge that can be easily repaired by obtaining the experts help on the Kodak printer support phone number. There are some troubleshooting workarounds you can also try to fix the Kodak printer problems.

Learn How to Fix If Kodak printer is not Printing Black Ink

Step 1 – Raise the cover of your printer and wait for the Kodak cartridges to come to the middle. Never touch the printer carriage or try to shift it using your hand because that can create damage to your printer.

Step 2 – Raise the print cartridge lid and slide the black cartridge forward. Cautiously take out the cartridge from the Kodak printer. Put the ink cartridge aside and close your Kodak printer cover.

Step 3 – Turn down the cartridge and check it if there is paper dust or dries ink. Passing time the ink cartridge can gather debris, and that can close the ink jets and can create the print cartridge to stop functioning.

Step 4 – Dip a cotton cloth in a little of warm water and clean the end of the cartridge carefully until all paper dust and dried ink has been wiped. If there is a substantial buildup of ink and the paper dust, try to use a cotton cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol rather than warm water.

However, if your Kodak printer is still not printing black ink or working properly, then it is possible that you may have the problems with the cartridge settings. You should also check the ink level if it is low, then either try to replace it or refill it. If these steps didn’t work to troubleshoot the problems connected to your Kodak printer which is not printing black ink, you should consult with the experts and address your issues to get hassle-free solutions. At that point of time, you can call on the Kodak printer service number to obtain immediate solutions for all printer-related problems.  





5 Handy Steps to Run Avast Antivirus at Startup

Avast antivirus provides various methods for users to secure against malware and viruses, such as it can perform the boot-time scan that starts when you boot your computer before loading other programs. By default, Avast antivirus doesn’t run in the startup process; however, you can set it up to do that via the Avast account user interface. The process to open a boot-time scan is the similar no matter which edition of the Avast program you use. In the circumstances of any problems when scanning with this antivirus software, you can call on the Avast customer service phone number and get the solutions. 

Learn How to Run Avast Antivirus at Startup

If you want to scan your computer during the start process, Avast antivirus is best option to do so. However, you need to set it up for scanning the system at startup. To run the Avast antivirus at startup process, follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1 – Click on the Avast antivirus icon either located on the desktop or in the program files to open the user interface.

Step 2 - Click the ‘Security’ tab, followed by the ‘Antivirus’ from the menu on the left corner of the window.

Step 3 - The ‘Scan Now’ option appears automatically in the pane on the right corner of the interface.

Step 4 – Move to the ‘Boot-time Scan’ section, placed at the lower of the ‘Scan Now’ unit.

Step 5 – Click on the ‘Schedule Now’ button. Now, when you start the computer, the next time Avast initiates a scan instantly on startup.

To access more options like selecting particular areas to scan and settings the experiential sensitivity, click on the ‘More Details’ link under the ‘Boot-time Scan’ section. This article information applies to the Avast antivirus version 8 and may be somewhat different in other software releases.

However, if your Avast antivirus is not scanning your PC at the startup or working properly to diagnose the viruses, you must look for the other possible causes of the problems. In such a situation, you can avail the help by giving a call to the technical professionals on the Avast customer support phone number. You must get the quick solutions and satisfactory results for all sorts of problems connected to the Avast antivirus within the short span of time.



Google’s Gmail email service is the most popular web-based email client that lets you send/receive and manage email messages from various accounts. To use it, you require a free Google account. However, if you need more storage space, you can purchase it for a fee. If you have to encounter trouble when signing into the Gmail email account, you can contact experts by dialing the Gmail tech support phone number to get the immediate and reliable solutions. Also, check these some basic troubleshooting workarounds to retrieve the access of account.

 Solution 1 - Gmail Service Issues

 Occasionally, the Gmail encounters service outage due to the technical setbacks. To check the Gmail’s status and other services of Google, you can go to the Google App Status site. For further information, visit the official blog site of Gmail and also check the Twitter account of Gmail. Updates should display here clarifying the current issue and informing users when regular service is restarted.

 Solution 2 - Login Details Doesn’t Work

 Check the information twice you have typed, memorizing that passwords or passkeys are case-sensitive. When entering the username, type everything beforehand the ‘"’ in the email address, such as any dots you used while the email account was created, and without any spaces or the @ signs. The username must be about six characters long and may not involve any hyphens, spaces or underscores. If the issue exists, remove the cache and browsing history to delete any stored cookies or settings before you try again.

 Solution 3 - Forgotten or Wrong Password

 If you face problems related to the forgotten or wrong password, you can restore it by following the instructions on the password recovery web page. An error link to the page displays after a failed login tries. Check the username, and Google shows the password recovery link to the identified secondary email account. If you don’t have another email address configured, you can access the same link by answering the security questions related to the account. If you’re not able to respond the queries, contact the Google customer support. For more additional stepwise instructions, you can contact Gmail help desk.

 Solution 4 - Other Considerations

 You can visit the Gmail Help Center to get the stepwise troubleshooting wizard that helps you diagnose the issues listed above and other connected problems. If you get some garbled text or the blank white page when you sign in, or a correct password isn’t being acknowledged, or a particular error is shown on the screen, you can make a call the Gmail customer service phone number for further help and solutions. The more information you give to the experts related to your problems you’re facing, the faster you will be able to get the solution.