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4 Handy Steps to Reset and Repair the Avast Antivirus 2015


When major components and features of your Avast Antivirus 2015 are not running correctly, you should try to fix the wrong installation. This process will reset the software settings by troubleshooting or improving the program files which might be corrupted, outdated or missing. You can find the repair and reset function from the Avast Setup Wizard that can be accessed via the Control Panel on your Windows PC. For the user manual and additional details, you can also go to the Avast customer portal and find step-by-step instructions.

Note: - While troubleshooting the Avast antivirus, the customized settings are maintained as much as possible. Though, some settings may be changed to defaults.

Learn How to Reset/ Repair Avast Antivirus 2015 on Windows 8

If the Avast security software installed on your Windows 8 computer doesn’t work properly due to the incorrect installation, you require resetting the configuration to repair the major bugs. To do so, you need to access the Avast Setup Wizard through the Control Panel list of installed software. Here is how to reset Avast 2015.

Step 1 – Click the Windows 8 Start menu or Desktop. You can also press the Windows + X keys and choose the ‘Programs and Features’ option from the menu shown in the lower left corner.

Step 2 – Choose the version of your Avast antivirus by clicking on it once, and then click the ‘Uninstall/ Change’ button in the bar beyond the listed programs. Now, you can see the Avast Setup Wizard screen.

Step 3 - Once the Avast installation window displays, you need to choose the ‘Repair’ option from the left corner and click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 4 – After completing the changes in Avast Setup wizard screen, click on the ‘Done’ button to exit the window.

However, if you’re using the Avast 2015 on other versions of Windows operating system, such as Windows 7, Vista or XP, the process might be slightly different to reset the Avast antivirus. In the case of any major problems or other queries associated with the Avast, you can call on the Avast customer support phone number and directly ask the solution of experts to solve the problem instantly. Whatever problems you have linked to the antivirus program, you will get the immediate support and hundred percent satisfactory solutions.



How Can I Override the "Out of Ink" Error in Kodak Printer


Whenever your Kodak printer recognizes that an ink cartridge is low, it can show you the ‘Out of Ink’ error message. Even you can't print your documents if it identifies a low ink cartridge. However, if you have just refilled the cartridge or just want to override your printer ‘Out of Ink’ error message to remain the printing process, you need to reset the cartridge. Various ink cartridge chip re-setters are accessible that notify the Kodak printer the ink cartridge is filled, even if the cartridge is unfilled.

Note: - To get a hassle-free and permanent solution for the ‘Out of Ink’ error message, you can call on the Kodak customer service number to get them resolved.

Learn Steps to Resolve the Kodak Printer ‘Out of Ink’ Error

If your Kodak printer often shows the ‘Out of Ink’ error, you can reset the printer and ink cartridge to solve the issues. It cleans the internal memory of your printer and reset the ink monitor. The following guide will allow you to power cycle your printer and fix the error.

Step 1 – Raise the cover of your Kodak printer to open it. Take the ink cartridges out from your printer.

Step 2 – Remove ink traces from the metal connectors by wiping the ink cartridge using a cotton ball plunged in rubbing alcohol. Let a moment for the rubbing alcohol to dry on the ink cartridge.

Step 3 – Now, insert the ink cartridge into the chip re-setter. Next, press and hold down the chip resetter button for at least three seconds for resetting the ink counter. 

Step 4 - A green light will display that indicates the ink cartridge has been reset. 

Step 5 – Take out the ink cartridge from the chip resetting and place it back to your Kodak printer. Your printer should detect the ink cartridge as full, and it prints normally.

If you use a Kodak printer with the run of the ink cartridge, it can halt your business productivity. To prevent this unexpected circumstance, the chip resetter utility on your computer lets you adjust the settings, wipe the print heads and print the test pages successfully. These above-listed steps may not work for several models of Kodak printer. For more specific guidance, check the Eastman Kodak company’s user manual provided with your printer. 

Also, you can call on the Kodak customer service number and seek the solution if the ‘Out of Ink’ error message persists or you’re facing any other challenges with your Kodak printer.

How to Resolve Windows 10 Kernel Power 41 Error


Occasionally, you might face issues with your Windows 10-based computer, and some users have to experience the kernel power 41 error on their PCs. This error can cause inconvenience like the random restart of your computer. Though the Microsoft Windows 10 technical support phone number helps you get the quick solutions from experts on the single phone call, you can still check these solutions to fix the kernel power 41 error.

Fix 1: Update your drivers

Sometimes, out-of-date

drivers can cause the Kernel power 41 error. To solve this error, check that you have the new version of drivers installed. Occasionally, this problem is created by the audio driver, so ensure to update it first. However, if updating the sound driver doesn’t fix the error, continue to upgrade other drivers on your PC. You can also install any third-party tool to download the drivers automatically. For more help and guidance, you can contact the Microsoft technical experts.

Fix 2: Turn Off duplicate audio drivers

It is already mentioned that the audio driver can cause the Kernel error, so ensure that you inspect Device Manager to find any identical driver entries. If there is a duplicate entry, then right-click on it and select the ‘Disable’ option from the menu. You can still turn off the audio drivers that present in the list even if you don’t have installed duplicate audio drivers. You can solve the error by turning off the ATI High Definition Audio Device via the Device Manager window.

Fix 3: Uninstall/Disable your antivirus

Some security programs like AVG antivirus can be the reason of the Kernel power 41 error on your Windows PC. If you have installed any antivirus program, you can disable or uninstall it temporarily and check if the problem is fixed. If it still exists, you might consider using a different antivirus program. 

Fix 4: Change the power settings

The power settings can source the Kernel power 41 error; thus it could be better to modify the settings to repair the problem. Here’s how to do:

  1. Press the Windows + S key, input the ‘Power Options’ text into the search bar and select the ‘Power Options’ from the main menu.
  2. Once the Power Options window appears, locate the current plan and click to change the settings, followed by the advanced power settings.
  3. Find the Hard Disk tab and expand it. Click the ‘Turn off hard disk’ option and set it to the ‘Never.’ It can be done by typing 0 as the value.
  4. Locate the ‘Sleep’ section and adjust the timer to 0 to disable it. Click the ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ button to apply changes.

Fix 5: Turn off Fast Startup

In most cases, the ‘Fast Startup’ option can be the reason of problems due to the Kernel power 41 error. In such situations, you should disable the Fast Startup feature to fix the problem. Once you have disabled the Fast Startup, your PC might run a bit slowly, but it solves the problems due to the kernel power 41 error.

Fix 6: Update your BIOS

Sometimes, updating BIOS can be useful to determine the kernel power 41 error. To update the BIOS, you require visiting the motherboard manufacturer’s site and downloading the new BIOS version. Before you run the update, ensure that you check all the manual instructions entirely to prevent causing permanent damage to your PC.  If you encounter any issues in updating the BIOS, you can ask experts to solve the problems.

Other Considerations

Sometimes, hardware-related problems can cause the kernel power 41 error. So, try to get the technical experts help to know the exact cause of the issues and fix them, such as hardware failure, etc. If these solutions have not worked to you resolve the kernel power 41 error, it’s advised to call on the Window 10 customer care number and get experts help to solve the error in an efficient way.



How Can I Uninstall McAfee Family Protection Completely


The McAfee Family Protection is a security software program intended to block the offensive Internet content, filter incorrect media sources, regulate Internet usage, and prevent illegal contact with a strange person in the chat session. This protection tool also lets the system administrator observe the Internet activity and usage, and even monitor the users sharing their details. However, if you get into trouble when using the McAfee Family Protection, the McAfee customer support number is the appropriate alternative to get immediate assistance and solutions from technical experts.

Learn How to Get Rid of McAfee Family Protection Completely

Removing McAfee Family Protection program from your PC requires a particular process to encourage security. To stop the unauthorized elimination of this protection tool, you should retain the correct administrator credential information. Here’s how to uninstall the McAfee Family Protection completely from your PC.

Step 1 – Power on your computer and let the operating system load correctly. Check the system tray found on the lower right corner of the toolbar, and then double-click on the ‘Family Protection’ icon.

Step 2 – Input the administrator credentials, such as the username and password. Click on the ‘Get Uninstall Code’ option from the listed menu options.

Step 3 - Type the uninstall code, and then click on the ‘Done’ button to close all applications running on your system. Next, power off the connected wireless router, DSL service device, or cable modem.

Step 4 – Click the ‘Start’ menu, and then the ‘All Programs’ section and choose the folder labeled as the ‘McAfee Family Protection.’ Click the ‘Uninstall Family Protection’ button and allow the application menu to load.

Step 5 - Click the ‘Remove’ option, and then the ‘Next’ button to continue. Input the username and password of the administrator. Click the ‘Next’ button once completed.

Step 6 - Input the uninstall code and click the ‘Next’ button to start the removal process of McAfee Family Protection from your computer. Reboot your computer once asked to complete the uninstallation process.

However, if you’re unable to remove your McAfee Family Protection software with the following steps, it’s suggested to call on the McAfee contact number to get the step-by-step process to get rid of the problems preventing you from uninstalling it.


If your program is not running correctly, won’t install or freezes up your PC, You can also seek the experts help. For solving such kind of problems, you must download a new version of the installation McAfee file. Installing a newer edition of the program on your system will possibly replace the corrupted file and ensure you fix the problems facing with your McAfee program.



Why Does My McAfee Antivirus Keep Turning Off?


McAfee antivirus safeguards your PC from viruses, malware and other dangerous invaders using the firewall security and by scanning your PC. If it keeps turning off, you’re prone to these threats and risking your confidential information. However, different causes can stop McAfee from always working on your PC at all times. At such time, you can consult with experts on the McAfee customer service number and get the solution for all issues. Troubleshooting each of these problems will fix any failures you may be faced with this security program and enhance the security on your PC.

Solution 1 - McAfee Virtual Technician

The McAfee Virtual Technician discovers and resolved all issues that often keep McAfee to disable. When you download the ‘oas-disabled-fix.cmd’ On your computer’s desktop from the service page of McAfee, it will automatically install it on your PC for usage. Now, you can restart your PC and right-click on the program to operate it as an admin. If you receive an error when striving to run this, press the ‘Ctrl + C’ keys, and then press the ‘Yes,’ followed by the ‘Enter’ key. The program will prevent and allow you to run the McAfee again.

Solution 2 - Firewall and Real-Time Scanning Are Off

If the McAfee Firewall or Real-Time Scanning functions have disabled, the antivirus program will not operate. You will have to need to enable them back via the McAfee SecurityCenter. Click the ‘M’ key on the SecurityCenter taskbar to enable the Real-Time Scanner. Click the ‘Navigation,’ then ‘Real-Time Scanning,’ and then ‘Turn On’ to activate the scanner. Click the ‘Navigation’ button again for doing the same for Firewall Security. You can see if the status of both the firewall and the scanner is on via the SecurityCenter home screen

Solution 3 - Check for Other Anti-virus Programs

Some other antivirus and security software delays the McAfee functionality. A list of incompatible programs is present on the McAfee’s official website. To uninstall the security software, click the Start button to access the program list on your computer. Right-click on the icon of specific software you want to delete and click the ‘Uninstall’ button. Once you finish all necessary programs removal, remove and reinstall your McAfee antivirus. You may require rebooting the PC to apply all changes.

Solution 4 - Check the Internet Connection

If you do not have the Internet connection, McAfee antivirus will not run. There will be no necessity to safeguard you from the online threats if you’re not over the web. Check both your wireless or wired connection for unplugged or loose Ethernet cords, for disabled routers, or to check if your PC is turned on to access the Internet. McAfee antivirus ‘off’ status will turn to ‘on’ upon connecting to the Internet.  If it doesn’t, then manually enable the scanner through the SecurityCenter home window that displays on opening McAfee antivirus. Turn the slider from the ‘Off’ status to ‘On.’

However, if all else workarounds fail to solve the problems and your McAfee antivirus still keeps turning off, it’s suggested to call on the McAfee support number and talk to the experts to resolve the McAfee problems within the shortest time.


How to Fix Avast Antivirus Installation Issues in Windows 10

In today’s Internet era, it’s hazardous to run your PC without any security. So, you should install an antivirus to protect your PC from viruses and other possible threats. Among various security programs, Avast is the leading antivirus offering full protection to your computer. However, the new operating system always

comes with numerous flaws, and Windows 10 has no exception. You may face problems in installing Avast in Windows 10 that you can fix with the expert's assistance available on the Avast customer support number. If Windows 10 stops you from installing Avast antivirus, check the solutions below to solve the problem.

Solution 1 – Check that You Don’t Have Installed Any Other Antivirus

You must know that two antiviruses don’t work well together, therefore if you already have another antivirus installed, uninstall the current one first befor

e you try to install the Avast antivirus. There’s a possibility that your currently installed antivirus on your system can cause problems with the Avast. So, go to the Control Panel, click the Programs and Features, and find if you have any other antivirus program installed. If it’s found, remove it and try to install the Avast antivirus again.

Solution 2 – Disable Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender is a built-in security utility, which keeps safe your Windows 10 if you’re not having any antivirus installed. Although it should not make any conflicts with the third-party programs but may be some functions of the Avast can interfere with Windows Defender, and therefore you can’t install it. At such time, di


sable Windows Defender and then install the Avast antivirus. Here’s how to do:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ icon and then the ‘Update and Security.’
  2. Click the ‘Windows Defender’ tab and deselect the Real-time protection checkbox.

Now the Windows Defender is turned off, and you can install the Avast antivirus program.

Solution 3 – Check the Compatibility of Avast With Windows 10

Before installing the Avast antivirus, make sure that you’re not trying to install the incompatible or an outdated version of it on your Windows PC. Fortunately, Avast is fully compatible with Windows 10; just ensure that you’re installing the updated version of Avast. Otherwise, you may face issues as your antivirus program doesn’t work and scan for the viruses.

Overall, these solutions might be helpful to troubleshoot and fix issues of your Avast antivirus program. However, if you face any difficulties or the problems still continue, just reach the Avast customer service experts by calling the toll-free numbers to get your all questions and errors associated with Avast antivirus resolved as soon as possible.


4 Steps to Import Contacts from Yahoo Mail to Outlook

Re-entering all your email addresses and contact names when you switch to Outlook from Yahoo Mail, or between any two email clients, can be a problematic task. Fortunately, some advanced tools make the process easy and straightforward. The Comma Separated Value (CSV) file is one of the features used by email programs to import and export contacts between programs while they can’t connect them directly. If you save your Yahoo email account contacts as a CSV file, then you can also open it in Excel to edit the file if you want to insert or delete data.

Note: - If you experience any problems in importing contacts to Outlook from Yahoo Mail, call on the Yahoo customer support phone number to get the assistance to solve out all issues in no time.

To Import contacts from Yahoo Mail to Outlook, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check the contacts folder. Find and delete any email addresses that are no longer required, instead of transmitting them over to the new email account. Click the ‘Contacts’ tab in Yahoo Mail, and then the ‘Action’ tab to the right corner of the contact list. Choose the ‘Fix Duplicates’ option. It will automatically look for any contacts you have typed more than once.

Step 2: Click the ‘Action’ tab again. Next, go down the list of activities to the "Export All" section. Press the button to check a list of export selections, and then click the ‘Microsoft Outlook’ button to download the contacts list as the CSV file. When you are prompted to save the CSV file, just provide a location like your system’s desktop.

Step 3: Launch the Microsoft Outlook program and click the ‘File’ tab and then the ‘Open’ and ‘Import’ button. The Import and Export Wizard will appear. Choose the ‘Import from another file or program’ option and then click the ‘Next’ button. To import from list, choose the correct CSV file from the Select file type section. Click the ‘Next’ button. Besides the File in the Import field, click the ‘Browse’ option, find the CSV file you just made and then click the ‘OK’ button.

Step 4:Under the file’s name are the Selections: Change duplicates with the imported items, enable copies to be produced and don’t import duplicate objects. Click on the radio button next to the selection and then click the ‘Next’ button. Choose a location for your contacts list. Also, try to make the contacts folder if you have many email accounts or contact folders.

If you want to use Yahoo Mail without browsing the Internet, then you can import your contacts into the Outlook and talk to your friends without going to the Yahoo Webmail. Although the contacts importing process is quite simple, if you came across any of the difficulties, instantly communicate with the professionals by dialing the Yahoo mail customer service number and get your all issues fixed easily and efficiently.